Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Fascist Roots of the ROC

Taiwan ( the island) has been occupied for 60 years by a government that, though it's individual representatives are voted in by the populace, the GOVERNMENT itself was not.
The ROC is a fascist entity. though it's founder dr., sun yat sen was a great, open minded man with a wonderful vision for the chinese people, many bad influeneces crept in beyond his control such as advisors from various entities, including communist russia and nazi germany.
dr. sun yat sen never intended for the chinese people to turn to fascist ideology, but that is what has happened.
listen to television shows in taiwan and you will hear white foriegners called the taiwanese word "ah do gah" (high nose). white people are called foriegners(lao wai). but japanese, vietnamese, other asians are NOT called foriegners even though technically they are.
this is because taiwan seeks to use race/racial outsider-sim as a binding force in it's society. but this outsider-ism has also been used against ethnic chinese from the mainland.
there basically two types of fascism in taiwan: original ROC fascist ideology established by chiang kai shek during his regime of terror (in which score of native taiwanese protesters were murdered over the years) and reverse fascism, invented by native taiwanese against everybody who is not them (fukien dialect speaking, 4th generation on the island). this form of localization crippled the last administration under Chen sui bien, who excluded people of mainland decent who were more capable of carrying out his policies than the locals he chose.
this localization/outsiderism in taiwan is what is holding taiwan back as a people. out of love, i say "taiwan open your eyes".


  1. Hi randy
    i ve been coming back and forth to and living in taiwan for 11 years now, and i ve always found weird that even though i lived, worked with taiwanese and also spoke chinese they always refered me as "the foreigner" or "my foreign friend" ...even while talking on the phone to people who didnt know me i had to be refered as the foreign friend instead of just "the friend" took a while until they would just call me by my name, which is sometimes followed by "my foreign friend"...
    "A do ga", i dont like that term, it may come from a long time ago, it s like me telling you it s ok to say "nigger" because that s an old word.

    I dont think Taiwanese are racist, but i would say A LOT OF them are ignorant and not encouraged by the system to know better. I ve watched TV in all the places i ve been to, and in term of pure ignorance i d say Taiwan takes the cake. A very famous tv show that has model putting on fake suntan makeup to just make fun of them and have judges explaining why they are not good looking being brown (did i mention the sound effects added to the subtitles?) is straight up retarded and would be viewed as racist anywhere else in the world. What about the other tv show where women from different countries talk about their experiences in their home country and in taiwan, where they brought black girls on the set for like 5 minutes just to play with their hair?
    Even the tv news d rather talk about some youtube video about a girl shooting herself in the face with a watermelon slingshot than talking about outside taiwan news. This probably wont help people to expand their point of view on the rest of the world.
    Once i was telling on facebook that one of my student - i used to teach european wing tsun kung fu- a guy in his mid 40s asked me if we had beaches in france and how funny i thought it was...some taiwanese guy replied me " you?" and so i sent him a link to google maps...that made all the others very angry, instead of pointing out the guy s ignorance i should have taught him blablabla...i actually did teach him many things: internet is your friend, google maps is very useful and next time try not to make a fool of yourself and check twice before talking. I mean, people make fun of americans for being completly ignorant of world s geography, is this a crime to laugh at taiwanese? I thought that was how parents were educating their kids here, always telling others how bad they are and all...So actually, taiwanese can do it and you dont? Then it s discrimination...and it s not an excuse as i could be for americans, as taiwan is the size of a nail on a map. Lack of world knowledge reduces conversations a lot, especially when you re not into cellphones.

  2. thank you for coming by.

    i get pretty disgusted with the stupid TV here too and their (if not racist) at least uncaring attitude about foiriegn countries.
    i remember one taiwanese asking me if we had watermelon in the States. in chinese it's SHI GWA which means WEST MELON! so i told her, why do you think they call it west melon? it came from the west of course"!
    japan has a similar problem. some japanese are surprised to learn that america has KFC!

  3. The crap reflect the populist mentality--one should not generalize that it is racist or fascist. It's just commercialism--aggressive western commercialism with lots of skin showing as any visit to Taipei would reveal (eg. Mitsukoshi, Taipei 101) for brainwashing purposes. They also don't have the funding to support NPR-RT-type alternative news media or media covering parliamentary proceedings. So the kids mostly grow up on crap that includes pornography/violence--much worse than the States and unfortunately this also influences their integrity. As for racism--I received more than my fair share of it as a Chinese American! Don't believe me? Visit my spring newsletter at So no need to to hold yourself as the lone mockingbird.

  4. uh actually, there are photos of top nazi officials with top KMT officials.
    but point taken about racism in US.i for one am sick of that. i am extremely shocked at the " chink in the armor" remark about jeremy lin. for one thing, it came from a billion dollar media outlet. they have editing and double editing. there is no way this was an accident. pretty shocking.
    i would like to apologize to you for the white trash( and black,latino trash) that has treated you that way. i only hope you will stay away from the asian conciousnes/yellow power geeks, because they aren't helping either.
    thanks for coming by my friend.

    1. Doesn´t surprise me, since the KMT and chiang kai shek were actually funded by adolf hitler himself. And after WW2 and nazigermany it was the americans that funded and supported chiang kai shek and his fascist regime of terror.

      These are well known historical facts(or maybe not so well known after all unfortunately..... as many people have no idea who chiang kai shek even is or who helped to fund and support that monster). Especially americans keep silent about it, but germans to despite the fact that WW2 and hitler is a well tought subject in our historical education. We are told a lot about hitler yes, but not who hitler supported otherwise(except mussolini, musolini is in our history books to), what kind of sick occult practices he was into etc. etc. Those are all things that are not taught in our history classes.

  5. Northern Asia (Japan and China) did in fact share a common ideology with both Prussian Germany and (the later) Nazi Germany. It is one of historical ironies to learn that the Nazi leaders (particularly hitler and Himmler) were deeply influenced (indebted) by the heretical and anti-humanistic ideas of Taoism - a religion unlike buddhism with its ambition of liberating all sentient beings from the cycle suffering, but instead an elitist, secretive, theocratic order, committed to the advancement of the superman/man god. It was the greatest tragedy to befall the chinese civilisation for a cult that worships men and elevates them to gods (lao tzu and confucius were men that became gods) to take root, and form the basic religious/political ideology, from every Chinese tyrant up unto the present CCP/chiang kai shek.