Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ma going hardline?

there are many worries that president Ma may already be going hardline. last year, when native taiwan protesters against a visiting delgate from mainland china played the taiwan anthem, the police shut them down. also taiwan independence flags were torn down.
the rights of free speech, which the taiwanese fought so hard to achieve are being taken away, in the name of impressing china. is Ma trying to show china that he would be a governor capable of controlling dissent on the island if and when Taiwan is handed back to the mainland?


  1. He is going soft on China, and going hard on Taiwanese and Japan. The western media often portrays him as a peacemaker. In fact Ma has created tensions out of nowhere between Taiwan and Japan. Threats of calling back Taiwan representative in Japan was announced. Even threat with war threat was delivered.

  2. i can't figure him out now. i always like him as taipei mayor.but now i don't know what to think.
    thanks for coming by.