Monday, July 13, 2009


ICRT was originally chartered as military radio for american servicemen stationed in taiwan. after the removal of US troops from Taiwan soil, ICRT found itself in limbo. so some forward thinking investors restructored it to be an englsih radio station, serving the foriegn community, etc, and so on.

the official story.

actually ICRT's story reads CIA ops thru and thru. after the US "gave up" taiwan in favor of mainland china, it needed a way to keep american cultural influence in taiwan. but that cultural influence had to be in line with the KMT's desires for this westernization to be controlled.

that ICRT was refunded by private interests is not unusual. many CIA operations don't go on the budget.

ICRT is the most taiwan condcending station i have ever heard. they are basically in the business of making the taiwan entertainment industry look good. and you dare not run afoul of them.

a friend of mine is a comedian in taipei who made some jokes about ICRT as part of his set. he got a lot of cold shoulder treatment as far as securing perfromances after that, though he is still working, thankfully.

ICRT has also deliberately played B version records ( almost exact, but flawed nontehless)imposter-sung copies of western pop records. why would they do this?
as a music producer, guitarist, recording tech person, i know all of these original recordings down to the fizz in the mics they used back then. but it doesn't take a musician to spot that the singer on these B records is not karen carpenter, yet ICRT played these records and SAID it was karen carpenter! the reason is i believe because ICRT is in cahoots with the record industry here to make the great western artists of the past look not so great and therefore not make taiwan musicians look so lame.
in this, ICRT is IMPLICIT in helping the taiwan government do everything it can to boost the self esteem of the taiwanese people, even if it means tarnishing the truly great music of western artists.

listen to ICRT DJs drabble on about taiwan music like it's the beatles,elvis,jackson brown, stevie wonder, micheal jackson, using words like "seminal, groundbreaking, etc".
there is NO COMPARISON between the sappy, copycat dribble presently put out by EMI, BMG, SONY, in taiwan and the truly groundbreaking seminal music of the founding western music artists. to say otherwise is pure cantor.
if tawian music is so earth shaking, why are they copying instead of creating? why have they yet to produce something like a reggae, ska, or even ONE UNIQUE, WORLD CHANGING FORM OF MUSIC as even little 3rd world island nations have?
just saying taiwan music is great will not make it so. this double standard special- ed class for the funk afflicted needs to stop.
taiwan needs to go back to the music they were doing in the 80s, which was TRULY taiwanese and which touched my heart from across the ocean and made me want to come here.


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  2. in other words taiwan, drop the "black act". you don't do it very well! leave that to black people.
    go back and do some great hits like you guys were doing 20 years ago! stop trying to do western music! stop trying to outdo westerners. do your own thing! you did it really nice!
    boy, i miss wang jieh, theresa teng, and the others. you guys made the 80s really nice!!!

  3. OK, let me get this straight: you think ICRT is really a front for the CIA, and the stations' main (secret) mission is to spread American cultural influence (since other stations won't do that) while talking up bad Taiwanese musicians in order to give the population an ego boost?


  4. oh by the way, all criticism welcome. i got worried earlier because i was scared of forumosa people comin over here and turing my site into...well another forumosa. i defintietly don't want to keep anybody from busting my chops.
    fire away.
    and thank you SO MUCH for coming to my site.

    by the way, i will try to have a psycho-bitch award EVERY WEEK. not to be a misogy-douchebag. this week;s award goes to ah mei/ ah mi or whoever she thinks she is.

  5. yes i beleive ICRT is a CIA op. more power to them in that endeador, as long as they don't participate with others in blocking me from reaching my goals in life.

  6. It was true when I was Program Director at ICRT in the mid-1990's, but since they moved downtown from the mountain offices on Yang Mihn Shan, the CIA connection has been dropped. Only three newspeople from those days remain and they were not a part of the original CIA plan. Thanks for figuring out such a closely kept secret. Too bad it's no longer true.

  7. thank you for stopping by. let me say that i have the utmost respect for the both the CIA and the FBI.
    i only hope, they will try to respect the INDIVIDUAL, not just use a broad brush for the "greater good".it is the individual that makes america great.
    a life is a terrible thing to waste.
    ICRT could do MUCH to help foriegn artist who live in taiwan. isn't that looking out for everyone's interests?