Thursday, February 11, 2010

why i'll never go back to traditional kung fu

in a nutshell, it was what bruce lee called "organized dispair". or rather it would be that if they had any organization, either in teaching method or in a governing body for it.
i spent 2 years in traditional wing chun, and 4 years in another style. though i learned SOMETHING in each, i never in that time was given THE SOMETHING, the keys to really understand how to use it.
that time frame was ridiculous. i can see someone spending one year learning the components of an art. the mechanics do take a while. but if after one year one cannot not even use it AT ALL.....?
of course, some taiwanese people will probably say that perhaps my teacher didn't feel i was ready, or worse, that he felt i wasn't a good enough person.
if by not good enough, they mean "not chinese enough", well i'm sorry. since when did the chinese way become the right way? are there no good people other than those who think and follow the chinese way?
and if you don't think i'm good enough, why waste my time? oh, i forgot. the fee.
then i started watching youtube for traditional kung fu vs MMA. needless to say, for all their training, chi kung, whatever, the traditionalists faired BADLY ( less than 8 seconds of badly)!! so if THAT's the result, perhaps i wasn't missing out on much after all.
also traditional kung fu is a pot of hypocrites. they talk about honor, but they really mean honor as it does right by them. a number of the people practicing kung fu in taiwan (via the temples) are pretty much hoodlums.
i have pretty much come to the conclusion that kung fu is actually a function of the temple/chinese masonic/mafia complex, and more and more come under the conviction that perhaps it is not something a person of the Christian faith should be involved in.
also during the time i was studying TCKF, my body was WILTNG AWAY!!! i was practing internal this and that, but i had NO MUSCULARITY WHATSOEVER. and i was getting fat.
the past year i have been studying with a chinese/american in wing chun. he is very modern, beleives in cross training, and actually has a CURRICULUM. there is no involvement with Daoism, temples, mafia, etc. i have been doing pushups, situps, deepknee bends, along with running, boxing class, and actually hand to hand drills in my wing chun class.
as you can guess, i'm a LOT HAPPIER. and i'm looking better. our class is enjoyable. no mysticism, just a lot of LOVE in our group.
and that's enough for me.


  1. thanks for stopping by.
    just feeling a lot happier. like walking from darkness to light.
    yes the little steps lead to big rewards.
    i think the little boxing and few traps that i know will in the long run be more useful than the " high level, true" kung fu that i was learning.
    hoping to get into a little Gracie ju jitsu soon to round out my skills.