Sunday, December 19, 2010

the end of those singing contests

i heard that Tao Jing Ying's singing contest will be off the air soon. i'm glad. the whole thing was a waste of young people's time and energy, and indeed their dreams.
anybody with the brains of a brick knows that the record companies controlled the whole thing. they put their "artist" in (picked of course because of who his/her uncle's cousin's friend is) then use the other competitors to show how "great" their guy/girl is. then they pretend they signed him because he won.
the other reason for these contests is the number of independent artists who have said "screw the companies" and are selling their work via Tunecore, i tunes, etc. the record companies are scrambling to find a way to remain as the voice telling people what to listen to. so they make these contests and sit there as judges,pretending that "they know".
the emporer has no clothes! these guys sit there judging minute details about the competitors' singing, when it doesn't matter,because whomever they pick is going to have his voice processed thru auto tune anyway. they do it EVERYTIME!
good ridance to Tao Dz's "show" (circus).
And kids, let this be a lesson to you: just because some old witch says there's a lollipop at the end of the rainbow, it doesn't mean she's going to actually give it to you.


  1. Ha....well said! I just posted something similar on one of your older entries.

    These things are SO pre-determined it isn't even funny. Those 'random selections' of who will sing against who is anything BUT random. And the judges...they really have nothing to say. If you can follow the inconsistencies over the episodes, it's really a laugh. They tell the singer to "take a chance" and sing something "out of your comfort zone, or usual style" and the singer DOES the next week, and then gets trashed because...well, the judges HAVE to trash them on something, because they need to make the eventual winner look good.

    Granted, not all the judges are in on this. There's plenty of guest judges that are just asked to be there and don't really know what's going on...although I would guess they may be hinted at who to put up.

    Anyhow, the whole things ARE a giant waste of time and basically just a promotion tool--to the eventual pre-determined 'winner'--for the record companies.

    Makes me wonder about American Idol...

  2. thanks for coming by.
    what worries me is.... what's next? what's the next tactic the record companies will use to try and maintain their control over the minds and listening habits of taiwan?

  3. I am curious to hear your opinion of Anthony Neely - is he acceptable as a foreign born Taiwanese idol because he is hunxie? To be honest, I have only recently started composing my own music, but I was dreaming of entering the Taiwanese music industry, if only because I feel chinese lyrics say much more in less words than english ones do, and I enjoy writing them. Are you saying it is hopeless for foreigners? I look pretty "white", although my dad if from Taiwan.

    Also, while I agree that most Taiwanese singers and songs are cliche, I do think there is real talent in such artists (and I truly mean artists) as Jay Chou and to some extent Wang Lee Hom (though I would say he is much more "Top 40", and Jay Chou is more of a genius who happens to end up on Top 40 lists). Of course, I do not understand much of the lyrics as an American born hapa who only started learning Chinese in college, so maybe that is the area you believe to be dumbed down?

  4. first of all, i dont want to step on your dreams. if you are a musician, go for it.
    i think being half taiwanese will help you a lot. i think being 1/4 taiwanese would help you a lot. anything connecting you to taiwan by blood wil help you a lot. even marraige. if you're married to a taiwanese, that even helps a little.
    the main point is, does some boss or producer or investor LIKE you? it's all about relationship in this country. not talent.

  5. i have no opinon of neeley except that he does whatever he's told, plays the half card a lot. i personally have no use for him.