Wednesday, April 28, 2010

chris: kick ass or kiss ass?

i've met TV personality Chris before(where the fuck did people's last names go)? nice enough guy, though our encounter was very brief.
some in taiwan have debated whether Chris is our Dave Spector, a famous foriegn TV personality in japan, known for his outspoken criticism of general stupidity there.
as far as i've seen, chris plays status quo, get along and get some airtime foriegner. i've never heard him say anything with balls. in fact, about the only foriegner who does that is me!
cause frankly, if it comes down to saying what people want to hear in order to get ahead, then people be damned. i'm going to give them an earful of the truth as i see it.
i have serious doubts about chris ever becoming a dave spector. he's married into the entertainment profession. he's a good little foreigner, doing what he would (maybe) never have a chance to do back home.
not totally dissing the guy. he's likeable. i like him more than curly hair, prime time ass kisser Jeff whatever.
tell you what Chris: stand up for us. tell those assholes your wife works with to stop calling us high nose/lao wai on TV. you couldn't call Asian people "slant eyes" on broadcast TV in the US. why should they have the right to SLANDER us here?
respect. everybody should be respected.
use your position for the good of other foriegners. do something.
i'm giving you a challenge, Chris.


  1. thank you for coming by.^^ i hope taiwan TV can improve. that both taiwanese and foriegners can make some shows that are really worth watching!

  2. Watching TV in Taiwan is a fxcking waste of time. It's just better to blank stare at a wall for an hour or two.
    The problem being that they are trying to match their viewers' intellectual level. It's an offer/demand system. If people weren't watching TV here, there wouldn't be any shows like that. Same for the trash news which are the favorites of Taiwanese.
    The problem is a bit deeper than just people who are making these shows, it's more about the entire culture of this country ...

  3. yes my friend. agreed. it won;t stop til the cultural bureau sets and agenda for making the people smarter. and i doubt they will ever do that, since a SMART, THINKING POPULATION is not what they're after.
    easy please= easily controlled.